Hot Charlie


Hot Charlie

French fortified wine mixed with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and star anise, fresh lemon juice and hot water, lending the drink an old world charm. Garnished with orange wedges and a cinnamon stick.


Goblet Glass


Orange Wedge



Charlie’S Classic Vodka


Hot Water


French Fortified Wine


Fresh Lemon Juice




Cinnamon Stick & Star Anise


Grated Nutmeg & Cloves


Add Hot Water To A Glass Mug

Add Remaining Ingredients

Grate some Nutmeg on the top

Garnish With Orange Wedge And Cinnamon Stick

Our Other Cocktails

Elderflower Bliss

Method :
1 . Strain Each Liquid Into The Glass Carefully
2. Mix Well With A Stirrer
3.Decorate With Thinly Sliced Green Apple

Sinful Charlie

Method :
1 . Pour The Vodka Into The Glass
2. Strain The Coffee Liquer in With the Ice Cubes
3.Adorn With Red Cherries

Watermelon Bliss

Method :
1 . Add All The Ingredients To A Cocktail Shaker
2. For Syrup, you can use Pure Maple or Simple Syrup
3.Strain The Mixture Into Glass with Ice Cubes
4.Add thinly sliced watermelon for garnish

Flirtini Martini

Method :
1 . Add the vodka to a mix of Triple Sec, Pineapple Juice and Ice cubes
2. Pour in a Champagne of your choice
3.Garnish with Maraschino Berries

Charlie’s Moonshine

Method :
1 . Combine All Ingredients In A Blender/Shaker
2. Mix Until Smooth And Add the almonds on top
3.Serve chilled

Medusa Punch

Method :
1 . Mix the ingredients thoroughly in a shaker
2. Pour into a Cooler Glass with Ice Cubes
3.Decorate with Fennel Sprigs & Coriander Leaves


Method :
1 . Add the Kiwi Slices and Fresh Mint Leaves into the glass
2. Pour in the rest of the ingredients and stir lightly
3.Add a splash of club Soda or Seltzer
4.Garnish with Vanilla Stick

Hot Charlie

Method :
1 . Add Hot Water To A Glass Mug
2. Add Remaining Ingredients
3.Grate some Nutmeg on the top
4.Garnish With Orange Wedge And Cinnamon Stick

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Our Other Cocktails

Charlie’s Love Potion

Method :
1 . Mix All The Ingredients Well In A Cocktail Shaker
2. Strain Into A Chilled Glass
3.Garnish With Raspberry

Bloody Mary

Method :
1 . Shake All The Ingredients Together Along With Ice In A Shaker
2. Add Pepper to your taste
3.Strain The Mixture Into A Cocktail Glass

Basil Spritz

Method :
1 . Blend all the Ingredients together in a shaker
2. Strain into a cooled Margarita glass
3.Garnish with Sprigs of Holy Basil

Bend Over Shirley

Method :
1 . Strain Everything Into A Cocktail Shaker
2. Mix Vigourously So That Everything Blends Well
3.Pour Into A Chilled Margarita Glass

Charlie’s Fiery Angels

Method :
1 . Add Ice To All The Ingredients
2. Shake Vigorously In A Shaker
3.Strain Into A Cocktail Glass

Espresso Martini

Method :
1 . Shake All Ingredients Well In A Cocktail Mixer With Ice Cubes
2. Strain Into A Chilled Martini Glass
3.Garnish With Coffee Beans


Method :
1 . Take the overnight infused tea and add grapefruit juice
2. Add the Honey Syrup (a mix of water and honey heated for a minute)
3.Stir well and Top it with a dash of Seltzer


Method :
1 . Fill The Cocktail Shaker With Ice
2. Add All The Ingredients And Shake To Combine
3.You can also add activiated charcoal for colour

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